How much is the earning of Adult web-series actors per show of OTTs like Fliz Movies, Kooku, Hotshots, BoltiKahani, Gupchup etc.

The rise of OTTs in the digital era has been a milestone for small actors who would earlier remain out of work for months. The questions that comes often is how much is the earning of Adult web-series actors in India. The regular demand for new content across the digital platforms is giving consistent jobs to the new comers and young actors. Among these are also few OTTs which primarily deal in the Adult content zone and produce the Adult web-series and shows.

These digital platforms available on subscription base model are driving huge traffic these days despite not-so-good storyline and ample show of sex scenes cum nudity being their main focus. Let’s learn about how much these OTTs pay their actors.

Fliz Movies Actors’ Salary

Starting in 2019, Fliz Movies has plenty of Adult web-series on its platform. The OTT pays between Rs 5000-10000 to the lead actors per show depending on the Shoot days. The supporting actors are paid under Rs 5000 per show. And, the side actors draw very low, even less than Rs 1000 in some cases.

Kooku & Bolti Kahani Actors’ Salary

Kooku is another Adult content based digital platform paying almost the same amount as its cousin Bolti Kahani. The lead actors are paid under Rs 10000 per web-series. Supporting actors are paid under Rs 4000 and the side actors are normally paid Rs 1200-1500.


Hotshots pays slightly better to actors as the content and storyline on its platform are marginally better. yes, it has plenty of nudity but shot with better cameras and directors. The platform pays up to Rs 15000 to lead actors per show. Supporting roles normally draw up to Rs 8000 and side roles are given nearly Rs 2000 per show.

Gupchup & Prime Flix

Gupchup and Prime Flix don’t pay that better. The platforms have web-series with few lesserknown actors, and paid them Rs 10000-12000 per show. And Rs 5000-6000 for supporting actors while the side roles are hardly given over Rs 1500 per show.

One may say that the remuneration is quite less. But, that’s not so. The food and lodging part is well paid by these OTTs during the shoot days. And, most these shows barely take 3 to 4 days of shooting. Moreover, all of these platforms work on contractual basis with the actors – means the actors would have to do at least 4 or 5 web-series per contract – giving them regular web-series and jobs. Thus, if a lead actor is doing 4 web-series per month, he/she may fetch over Rs 50000 as remuneration.

The remuneration mentioned above is for young and new actors, and not for the established actors like Gehna Vashisth who has done many such Adult web-series in the past, and is normally paid Rs 50000 per show.

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