Fun Interview with Harish Bali of Visa2Explore – India’s best Travel & Food Vlogger

There are thousands of Travel and Food Vloggers successfully operating their channels on Youtube. But, there is one guy who stands apart for the quality of content he brings. Meet Mr. Harish Bali, a wellknown name in the Travel Vlogging fraternity. His videos are informative, well researched and entertaining. The man inspires with his journeys and his videos are treat to eyes and music to ears.

Mr. Harish Bali runs a Youtube Channel with the name Visa2Explore, where he has more than 1 Million subscribers. He has posted Travel and Food videos on diverse states like Odisha, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Himachal, Punjab, Gujarat, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal among many other states.

Interview with Harish Bali

In the interview Harish Bali extensively talks about starting journey on Youtube from a mere thousands subscribers to more than a million now and other intersts, along with future of Travel in the time of Corona.

Food & Travel Vlogger Mr. Harish Bali

Mr. Harish Bali intensively explores local food on his journeys to every state and district. He prefers staying in homestays to fulfill his aspirations of relishing on traditional cuisines. He also shares the preparation of traditional cuisines in detail. This way he brings out the lost cuisines on table and imparts great learning to his audience and fans. He also covers the beauty of every region in depth and detail, discovers places least explored travelled.

He also covers cultural aspects of tribal belts across India. Be it folk dance, songs or local customs, he shows it in the most genuine, engaging and entertaining style. His videos make him stand apart from others in terms of quality of content. And, it will be worth rating him as the no. 1 Travel and Food Vlogger from India.

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