Englishpur, the beautiful village on which a web-series is being planned!

The village can have a name like ‘Englishpur’ is beyond imaginable but it very much exists since the British era. Englishpur is in the state of Bihar and some 80 KMs from the state capital Bihar.

How Englishpur got its name?

The village got its name after the villagers started addressing it as ‘English-par’ way back in 19th century when the region saw revolt against the British rule. From English-par then to Englishpur now, the story of the village has been untold before the world.

Web-series on Englishpur

Now the sociologist and educator Mr. Dharmendra who prepares students for Civil Services in Delhi and is a native of ‘Englishpur’ is developing a storyline and planning a webseries on the village. The web-series, as per Mr. Dharmendra, will be a satire based on local incidents related to the village and stories surrounding its existence.

We all hope to see the story of the village to evolve into an interesting web-series.

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