Bhuvan Bam vs Carry Minati: Who is the better content creator?

Bhuvan Bam Vs Carry Minati: The rise of Youtube and Internet has brought the imminent rise of freelance content creators. And, the biggest names in India we have among them are: Bhuvan Bam and Carry Minati. But it often strikes to the aspiring Youtubers as to who between the two does it better when it comes to quality content. Or who should one take inspiration from when it comes quality content? Let’s analyze.

Bhuvan Bam vs Carry Minati

Carry Minati started making Youtube videos at the age of 11 in 2010. From 2010 to 2015, Carry’s focus was on Video Games, Anime etc. in which he used to discuss about Video games and play them live. The year 2016 onward, he shifted his focus to selecting random people, topics etc. and roasting them on his videos on Youtube. The majority of his roasting comes in the form of abusive and cuss words. He abusively jokes on the subject-topic, uses the hell lot of cuss words and severely humiliates the concerned subject.

Now, it’s been nearly four years and Carry hasn’t evolved in his style of content formation. He practices roasting people around in the similar abusive manner, throws lame jokes and garners huge attention and appreciation from the youth of his age. Today at the age 21, he has more than 20 Million Youtube subscribers, enjoys a huge fan following and is one of the biggest Youtube from India.

As a result of this and taking inspiration from Carry Minati, many youngsters following in the footsteps of Carry have started making similar videos on Youtube through which they claim to be the content creator. The style remains same – roasting people or various topics by means of verbal abuse in the video. People have mistaken the concept of Roasting-Abusing as a genuine mode of earning livelihood. While one can choose to make videos on anything and in any manner one wants, but choosing to think that roasting is not possible without hurling abuses at the subject-topic is myopic.

This limits your potential as a content creator and questions your credibility of a true artist. There’s nothing against roasting, but how you do that matters. You can be creative with the jokes, be sensitive and still be funny. It’s a harder way. But a more respectful and creative one.

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On the other hand we have Bhuvan Bam, who started making videos in 2015 at the age of 20. Initially, he coined four characters and started playing them himself. Bhuvan’s content in videos has always been full of double-meaning, sex jokes and cuss words as much as you couldn’t play them on speaker.

But, over the years, Bhuvan’s quality of content has matured. He has grown as an artist. It’s not that he has stopped using adult jokes and cuss words in his videos, but he has expanded his domain of content. His abuse is against his own characters which he plays himself and not against any third person. He often raises social issues in the videos which often make you laugh and think about at the same time. He is also close to securing 20 Million subscribers on Youtube.

This is all about the India’s biggest, most renowned and most subscribed independent content creators: Bhuvan Bam Vs Carry Minati.

So, for whoever seeking a career in the footsteps of Bhuvan Bam or Carry Minati, it’s always easier to make people laugh on the abusive jokes and be called a comedian. But, it’s not that difficult to be sensitive and still be funny. Both the artists have their own range, domain-knowledge and large fan base and have been doing an impressive work in the field of comic world.

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