‘Baat Modi Ki Hum Sab Ne Maan Li’ by comedian Adarsh Anand is a chartbuster corona killer song

The Comedian Adarsh Anand from Bhagalpur, Bihar is doing an incredible job of making people laugh through his creative and funny videos based social issues, Bollywood songs etc. In the latest one, he is seen dancing to the Corona Killer song ‘Baat Modi Ki Hum Sab Ne Maan Li’ with his team playing instruments in the background.

Watch ‘Baat Modi Ki Hum Sab Ne Maan Li’

The witty performance by the comedian will leave you in splits, asking for more. The video has been made on the music of Jasmin Sandlas’ song ‘Illegal Weapon’.

Adarsh Anand is a popular youtuber with more than one million subscribers and is also known for being able to do mimicry of 280 celebrities. More you watch him, the more you fall in love with his style, charm and innocence.

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