Amit Shah is Nepotist, so is Ashok Gehlot. Everyone of us is Nepotist

After the passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput, the whole debate has shifted towards Nepotism as to how the Bollywood is controlled by few families. The debate seems to have gone awry and lost the relevance of it when it shouldn’t have. Let’s see in the video below to understand how deep rooted Nepotism actually is.

Well, as to which industry or sector one doesn’t find clear evidences of Nepotism. Be it politics, sports, corporate houses, even our families, we get to see the traces of Nepotism far and wide. Then why target a single industry after the talented Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on 14th June 2020. Amit Shah got his son Jay Shah the the post of secretary in BCCI without any prior experience or cricketing skills. Ashok Gehlot got his son the the MLA ticket. In big companies in India, the family rules over top-notch postings of CEO and Managing Director. Recently, Roshni Nadar was made the chairperson of HCL while an MBA graduate from Tier-1 schools take over 30 years of experience to become the CEO.

What is all this if not Nepotism. By localizing the matter to only Bollywood, we can solve the mystery behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. But, we cannot prevent those dejected and ignored from becoming future Sushant Singh in other sectors. We need to look and handle Nepotism with great deal of conviction and prudence. The issues requires self-overhauling.

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Nepotism is more or less a trait of humans. But, by blaming a single person or section, this issue is not going to get solved. The matter of nepotism is serious and needs a sincere intervention from all of us.

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